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San Diego to Columbia, Part 9 – Washington

We left Grandma Seymour and Papa Ole’s to continue our trip to Maryland.

We got to see 3 movies when we stayed in  Port Orchard, Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves, and 101 Dalmatians, and The Rocketeer.

We took the ferry to Seattle and said “Good by” to Uncle Frank, and the Space Needle. (We ate lunch there one day.)

Then we traveled to Yakima and ate lunch with Aunt Jane.

We had dinner in Walla Walla with Great Grandma Shaffer, and stayed in her basement overnight.

❂ Lykara

San Diego to Columbia, Part 8 – Washington

We traveled back to Port Orchard after visiting Aunt Jane and Uncle Jack, and I got to feel the baby move and see a videotape of the ultra sound of the baby sucking its thumb.

We stopped in Seattle to visit Aunt Rebecca Jones.

❂ Lykara

San Diego to Columbia, Part 6 – Washington

Today we arrived at Grandma Seymour’s and Papa Ole’s house.

We will stay here and visit Uncle Lee and cousins Lang and Leia all this week.

❂ Lykara