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Bungee bumper repair

Is your car the butt of jokes because the car’s butt is falling off? Do you have some spare bungee cords? Then you have a solution at hand! Or elasticized cord and hooks, at least, as demonstrated by this innovative motorist in Aurora, Colorado:

Car with bungee cords holding bumper in place
Yes, folks, the rear end of this car is being held in place with bungee cords. Chalk it up to Colorado cleverness.

Trivia item: no one is certain of the origin of the word “bungee” or “bungie.”

Tattered Cover: a bookstore

Tattered Cover is a bookstore in Denver, Colorado. A real, brick-and-mortar (or possibly reinforced concrete and drywall) store selling physical books made of paper and cloth. It isn’t part of some huge corporate conglomerate, with ties into publishing companies and multimedia giants, but an independent bookstore.

How independent? Tattered Cover fought against provisions of the Patriot Act that allowed for seizure of book purchase records without a warrant or hearing. Prior to that, Tattered Cover had defended First Amendment rights in challenges by Colorado law enforcement groups seeking to broadly define obscenity, or to tie book purchases to illegal drug operations.

Eat. Sleep. Read.
Eat. Sleep. Read. It must work, as this shelf is supposed to be devoted to overstock, but it is clearly empty.

Tattered Cover’s commitment to the tried and true values of democracy and physical books also extends to plumbing:

Tattered Cover men's restroom urinals
Tattered Cover has some brand-new plumbing that has an old-fashioned look.

You just don’t see plumbing like this in men’s rooms any more. The plumbing is new; where did they even find it?