Windows malware as a romance

Security updates for Windows are starting to sound more like  romance novels.

This week’s offerings:

MS17-010: Security Update for Microsoft Windows SMB Server:(4013389)

Eternal Blue

Eternal Champion

Eternal Romance

Eternal Synergy

Wanna Cry

Eternal Rocks

I’m speculating this series is about two immortal system administrators who are sad (blue), become champions of the downtrodden network users in the second volume, and find one another and have a budding romance in the third. In the fourth novel, after a constant tease in the first three, the two engage in some intimacy, then experience great regrets in the next novel, and find their romance on the rocks in the last.

It could be more interesting than the “Twilight” series. While the Twilight series took place in Forks, Washington, the Eternal Blue series takes place in Redmond, Washington, which has fewer trees but far more computers and smart phones.