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Time travel in Mac OS X

Apple touts Time Machine, their backup technology, as a marvel. But there are other forms of time travel. (The moiré pattern is a result of taking a photo of a laptop screen; the laptop was rather busy at the time.) Mac OS X time travel (full size).

Mac OS X not only has Time Machine, but features time travel, too.
Mac OS X not only has Time Machine, but features time travel, too.

Posting via MacJournal


MacJournal is an inexpensive application that allows you to blog — or create a local journal on your Mac, or both — using a full, native Mac application. There are also iPhone and iPad versions, but we’ll ignore them and stick with…

The Mac version of MacJournal allows you to write text, incorporate graphics, sounds, links, and other things.

We’re going to start off small with some links:






which may — or may not — be as meaningful as any other links. If this works, we may venture on to more robust fare.

Such as: useful graphs. Or at least a useful graph:


It suggests a whole new kind of hobby: electronic scrapbooking.

[Added later] By the way, most of this blog was created with MacJournal and then uploaded, via MacJournal, to WordPress.

Comic Life review

A review of a software package, Comic Life, done in the form of a comic. Printed in Washington Apple Pi Journal.

Comic Life review
Comic Life review