Kathleen's Retirement

Photos of Kathleen's combination project party and retirement party on August 15, 2001, along with photos of senior officers signing off on her project, the Capital Area CHCS Consolidated Host project, at a separate ceremony.

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108-0842_IMG.JPG 108-0843_IMG.JPG 108-0845_IMG.JPG
Kathleen's project cake. Eisenhower Suite reception room. Kathleen's project chart
108-0846_IMG.JPG 108-0847_IMG.JPG 108-0848_IMG.JPG
Lykara after serving guests. Painting of Churchill by Eisenhower. Kathleen cutting cake.
Plaque with information about Eisenhower suite. Library of Eisenhower suite. Autopsy reports in Eisenhower suite library.
108-0854_IMG.JPG 108-0855_IMG.JPG
Library of Eisenhower suite. Eisenhower's hospital room; couch is where bed used to be. Kathleen with Lt. Col. Jamie Parent
2ChartTimboe.jpg 3BGBrannon.jpg 3Dunn.jpg
Major General Timboe presents Defense Meritorious Service Medal Brigadier General Brannon signs off on Kathleen's project. Col. Dunn signs off on Kathleen's project
3MGTimboe.jpg 3Sizemore.jpg 4groupend.jpg
Major General Timboe signs off on Kathleen's project. Capt. Sizemore signs off on Kathleen's project. Army, Navy and Air Force all agree on something.