Passionate Worship: A Series of Mosaics

These mosaics were created for the 2010 Annual Conference of the Baltimore-Washington Conference of the United Methodist Church

There are 12 mosaics. Each mosaic is 21,071 pixels across and 15,803 pixels down (292.65 inches by 219.5 inches, 24 x 18 feet). Each mosaic has 10,240 photos in it, drawn from 2,545 photos submitted by churches in the Conference through May 14 (some photos are obviously repeated).

Each mosaic took roughly three hours to produce, mostly because it took several attempts to get the right balance of color and appearance. After finding the right look, it took an Apple Mac Pro roughly 10 minutes to produce one mosaic. Each mosaic is roughly 165 megabytes; collectively, they are 1.97 gigabytes.

At full size, this is what one 500 pixel by 500 pixel sample might look like:

sample mosaic

For the conference, the mosaics were assembled into a movie that slowly panned across the photos and zoomed in and out. The finished movie, 1024 x 768 pixels, was 621.8 magabytes in size and ran for 39 minutes. Because of problems projecting the movie, only short clips were used in the conference.

Each small image below links to a page where you will see an image of the mosaic created from that photo, along with a link to the full-sized mosaic. Note that the full-size images are huge, and may crash your Web browser, or your computer, if you are not careful in downloading them. Right-cllick on the mosaic link to download the full-size mosaics; this will transfer them to your computer without attempting to display them in your Web browser.

Kinkos and other print services can, if you wish, print out the large mosaics on plastic or canvas banners.








need prayer




park baptism


pool baptism


red prayer


river baptism




toddler baptism


yellow sky