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© 1997 Lawrence I. Charters

Outside the Vasamuseet can be found a small collection of ships, including this unusual entry: a Soviet Whiskey-class submarine. Throughout the Cold War, Sweden aggressively patrolled its waters, and frequently accused the Soviets of using submarines to violate Swedish waters for spying. The Soviets always denied this claim but, in the last years of the Soviet Union, a Whiskey-class submarine ran aground in Swedish waters. When the tide went out, the evidence against the Soviet Union was undeniable. Sweden decided to let the submarine go, while vigorously protesting the incident. This particular submarine came to Sweden in a less dramatic fashion: cash-starved Russia decided it wanted Swedish currency more than it wanted a diesel-powered submarine, and sold it.Scanned from a photographic print. © 1997 Lawrence I. Charters