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Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon

Dublin, Ireland was the host of the 2019 World Science Fiction Convention. There is a photo gallery of various objects associated with Dublin 2019.

Yes, we have more penguins

In line with a theme of the site, we've added more penguin photos and yes even more penguin photos. And we have the short movie March of the Penguins. No, not that movie -- another movie.

University of Maryland Women's Basketball

UM versus Maryland-Eastern Shore ❦ UM versus Clemson 2010 ❦ UM Women 2005-2006

Washington, DC area

Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear ❦ Lilith Fair 2010 ❦ Washington Cherry Blossom Festival 2010 ❦ Lady Terps vs. Clemson (Feb. 2010) ❦ Snowzilla ❦ NOAA's Bay Hydrographer ❦ U.S. Naval Observatory ❦ Washington Cherry Blossom Festival 2004 ❦ Washington DC 2003 ❦ Washington DC Cherry Blossom Festival 2002 ❦ Walter Reed Army Medical Center

NOAA Wave Pool

34 photos from the year 2000 ❦ 43 NOAA Wave Pool videos from 2000-2017

East Coast

Harpers Ferry ❦ AntietamShepherdstown, WV ❦ Gettysburg ❦ University of Pennsylvania ❦ Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary

West Coast

Very Large Array Telescope ❦ Hatch AZ ❦ Pima Air and Space Museum ❦ Cochise AZ ❦ Kitsap County 2001 ❦ Western Washington 2000 ❦ Lake Chelan 1999 ❦ Walla Walla 1999

Gulf Coast

Blue Angels ❦ National Museum of Naval Aviation ❦ Naval Aviation Flight Line ❦ Gulf Islands National Seashore ❦ Pensacola Lighthouse ❦  Fort Perkins ❦ Fort Barracas ❦ Elgin Air Force Base Air Memorial ❦ Air Force Armament Museum ❦ Pass Christian ❦ New Orleans River Walk ❦ New Orleans French Quarter ❦ USS Alabama Park

United Kingdom and Ireland

Sheffield, England ❦ Glasgow ❦ The Highlands ❦ Loch Ness ❦ Cawdor Castle ❦ Culloden ❦ Central Highlands ❦ St. Andrews ❦ Scone Palace ❦ Edinburgh ❦ Roslyn Chapel.


Paris ❦ Stockholm ❦ Gripsholm ❦ Amsterdam

In the Ocean


South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


You can find a chronicle of two weeks of sleepless nights off the coast of Alaska on the Harriman 2001 Expedition site (check in particular the Expedition Log section).

Washington Apple Pi (39°03'N 77°06'W): The world's oldest continuously active microcomputer users group.